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Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) More than 500.000 hits from 36 countries prove ISA-CASINOS leadership in customer information about world’s most famous casinos.

For most customers and casinos the company name ISA-CASINOS stands for daily updated news and information about all important casinos in the German speaking hemisphere and latest news about all important casinos worldwide.

Current reports, presentations, events all over Europe, jackpot ticker, rules, forum, golf, Baccarat, Billiard, Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, publishers, shops, casino – lexicon, daily, weekly and monthly games, ISA-chat-rooms under or with a fully established community give a wide ranged spectrum for each customer.

Within 2 months more than 15.000 users clicked the login buttons of the ISA-chat rooms. The chat-forum with its monthly games are visited very well and the ISA-chat-community participates actively in every single game. A highlight for the community was the ISA-chatter-meeting, which was organized in cooperation with the well known Pro7 chat in Erlangen, Germany. The ISA-CASINOS was responsible for reports and rumors about the „Wild-Animal“ chatter meeting in Erlangen and the ISA-CASINOS was also the official photographer of the meeting. The official report and the photo gallery were read more than 1000 times now.
Right now the ISA-CASINOS is organizing a new meeting in which only ISA-chat users are involved, after having published the details of the new chatter-meeting, the ISA-CASINOS counts about 100 participants and the number grows.

More than 1000 customers, like casinos from all over the world even from Moskau and Las Vegas, newspapers and marketing companies, subscribe to the daily news letter. Also Black Jack, Poker and Baccarat players are regular clients of the daily news, which are totally free on

The ISA-CASINOS does not only report in Europe about the latest trends in the Casino-Business also the USA are very fond of ISA‘s well known neutrality and honest comments.

Companies, publishers, casinos have recognized the marketing effects of the ISA-platform and publish their banners regularly on the ISA-CASINOS page.
Countries like Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy and are the favorite users of the ISA-CASINOS page, followed by Canada, the USA, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Luxemburg, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina, Spain, Finland, Rumania, Sweden etc.
The ISA-web portal has over 500.000 clicks worldwide per MONTH!!!
The biggest success in getting the customers attention was achieved by the latest news, events, games, campaigns and rules. Also the monthly and daily online games have become approvable succes. The ISA-CASINOS and her partner – casinos have raffled over 600 free entrances in the partner casinos, which attracts to the customers.

The ISA campaigns get very popular among sponsors and the ISA-CASINOS sponsors for example Black Jack tournaments. Participants can win for example a journey to Las Vegas or other interesting prices.
Some Poker tournaments in Austria and Germany have been sponsored by ISA-partners like the publisher house Günther, Novomatic (Austrian Gaming Industries, with the Beetle Mania quiz). The first price of the Poker World ISA Cup is a vacation in Las Vegas with 25.000 DM (sponserd by Klaus Günther, puplisher groueP) pocket money.
Also the Baccara sector doesn’t remain untouched. The ISA-CASINOS and her sponsoring partner (publisher group Günther) plan a Baccara tournament in which you can win about 50.000 DM. We are already in contact with our casino partners to fix this Cup.

Other prices are sponsored by the Casinos Austria AG, Baden Baden, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Sächsische Spielbank and Konstanz.

Due to this fact the ISA-CASINOS built up a wide ranged customer network and frequent used internet pages.

We’d like to thank all users, customers, visitors and partners!