The customer is king

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Cultural programmes of all kinds are specially co-ordinated for the guests, Visa-flight and transfer to the hotel and individual service are at place and are some of the services the VIP National Club guests can expect.

„For us, all guests have a VIP status in our Club, it is natural for us to treat them like a King“, so says Jeffry Zeiger, Managing Director of the VIP National Club in Moscow. Service and a balanced cultural programme are not just empty words, but facts.

„Sure we expect“, so Mr. Zeiger, „a deposit of 15 “ 20 000 USD as a condition from the VIP client. With this kind of deposit, the guest can be sure, that we are paying for the flight, Hotel, Visa and transfer in Moscow, as well as for food and beverages. Also included is an invitation to the famous Bolshoi Theatre or/and a visit to the Kreml with interpreters, as far as the guest is interested, all is surely included in the VIP package, so he told the ISA-CASINOS in Moscow.

Before the take off to Moscow, Visa and flight tickets will be organised.

At the arrival in Moscow, personnel from the Casino will be receiving guests and company to get them through the controls. During the stay at the airport lounge snacks ill be offered with a first welcome drink and during this time luggage will be delivered to the car with which the guest will be taken to the Hotel. From the first moment the guest is accompanied and receives help in all details.

In the hotel, the rooms are arranged and after check-in the guests can visit the Hotel Casino and talk to Directors for personal information.

Peter Bodell, Assistant General Manager of the Casino greets the guests an shows him all the details of the Casino. Peter Bodell has been working since 25 years for the Casino and has worked as manager in Monaco, England, the Bahamas and in the United States.

The VIP National Club offers in its exclusive Casino an excellent restaurant with bars, 6 Black Jack tables, American Roulette (2 tables) and Oasis Stud Poker tables (3).

The stake for playing Black Jack has a minimum of 25 USD and a maximum of 3000 USD. Roulette a minimum of 10 USD and max. 200 USD. Oasis Poker with min. of 25 USD to a max. of 500 USD.

Surely one can play in the „Club Prive“ at other stakes, these are individually confirmed to the guests, so Peter Bodell told the ISA-CASINOS in Moscow.

„It is important to us, that the guests enjoys his stay and can play as he likes. Playing to higher confirmed conditions or to the fixed normal ones. All is according to the wish of the guest. Guest can play lone at the Black Jack tables using all the boxes“ so we were told and „we are offering international rules as splitting, doubling and also ‚Surrender'“.

„Roulette, we play with „0“, if this number is shown, all stakes with simple chances are lost.“

„In all games we offer additional chances of winning. These are lucky coupons for each winning guest. These are numbered and we draw from all participants several winners, this in money up to 50.000 USD and up to a Western car high quality (Mercedes, BMW). If somebody is a winner but is not present, he will be informed as soon as possible. The bars offer Cognac, Champagne, juice, coffee, wine and so on, as well as cigars, all without charge. Warm and cold food a la card and also individual meals are home made and free of charge during a break. Client Service is the top rule of our house.“

During a talk with Client coach Davis Bratslavky, in the rooms of the VIP Club, he pointed out, that all visitors in Las Vegas as VIP guests know what a good service means, „but here I am proud to say that we are top of the service there“, he told ISA-CASINOS „and we are able to suit all our guests and be flexible“.

The result: for somebody who is looking for exceptional quality and who would like to feel like a real VIP guest and to have conditions fulfilling the deposits, needs to go to VIP Club in Moscow. He will surely not return home disappointed and will take home interesting impressions from a metropolis like Moscow.