Caribbean Gaming with AGI and STG

Aye Jim-lad, there are gold doubloons down in the islands just waiting to be had by a daring crew of, tourists!!! Well, the pirates have been replaced by tourists, and the gold doubloons have been replaced with casinos, but you can still walk away with a bucketful of dollars. The casinos of the Caribbean add excitement to any lazy sun-drenched vacation and Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI) GmbH in partnership with its distributor Slot-Tec-Gaming Inc. has established itself as a prominent provider of gaming equipment to the casinos of the Caribbean.

Don’t let the laid back image of the Caribbean deceive you, many of the casinos have the latest games and technology providing on-line systems with player clubs, link progressives, ticket printers and cashless gaming. To keep up with the demands and expectations of the casinos AGI provides gaming equipment with many options such as Dual Screen, Touch Screen, Flat screen Displays, Tokenization, Ticket printers, progressives, various hoppers and comms options.

The casinos also require a variety of games to satisfy the differing tastes of its multi-cultural guests, and they look to AGI and its successful library of games to meet these demands. Some of the popular games in the Caribbean are “Treasure AntTM” and “Search for MoneyTM” both are interactive second screen bonus games that supply fun and excitement to the player. Along side these bonus game types are the popular free re-spin games, for example “Beetle ManiaTM” and “Dolphins PearlTM”, that are fast hit games with high wins on the free spins.

Wilfred Trimon, Casino Director, Occidental Allegro Resort and Casino was one of the first to introduce the AGI video slots to his customers. Wilfred adds that „the video games consistently perform in the top ten on the casino floor and provide a popular attraction for my clients.“

Stanley Booi, Slot Director, Hill Ross Casino, Curacao is one of the old school slot directors having been in the business for 30 years. Stanley had this to say about the AGI video games:
„I introduced the AGI video slots to my patrons around two years ago and they were an instant success becoming the best machines on the floor within a month. I have since added more AGI video slots to my floor and they continue to be a mainstay of the slot floor.“



AGI Slot machines are not limited to the land based casinos in the Caribbean, there are a variety of floating resorts more commonly referred to as Cruise ships that offer Sun, Sea and a Pina colada to go with your gaming experience. The casino is part of an entertainment package with AGI video games providing part of the fun for the cruise ship gambler. Eric Howard owner of Slot-Tec Gaming Inc has placed AGI gaming equipment with all the major cruise lines based in Miami, i.e. CCL, RCI, NCL.

Mr. Jens Halle, Managing Director of AGI is very satisfied with the market acceptance of the video slot games in the Caribbean market: “We are very pleased that our video game concept which contains games filled with adventure, attractive bonus features and fast playing free games is receiving excellent response from customers world wide.”

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