Quality and quantity underpin ICE 2003

Casino buyers planning their visit to January´s ICE show in London will be party to the most comprehensive gathering of suppliers and manufacturers ever seen at an industry event.

ICE 2003 was officially sold out at the beginning of December, two months before the doors open at Earls Court, with organisers opening up a waiting list for the first time in the show´s history.

Whilst ICE 2003 is already the biggest on record, with 150 companies occupying 7,300 square metres (78,548 sq.ft.) of booth space, January´s showcase will also involve exhibitors from 27 nations covering a complete range of product sectors from slots to security, i-gaming to live gaming and components to consultancy services.

ICE sales manager, Karen Cooke, who was involved with the show for 14 years as an exhibitor before joining the organising team, believes that the blend and calibre of exhibiting companies confirmed for 2003 is as noteworthy as the size of the exhibition. She explained, „Although it´s natural to focus on the numbers – and the numbers for 2003 are more impressive than at any other time in the show´s history – the spread of exhibitors is astonishing.“ Cooke continued, „The simple fact is that the London show provides the most comprehensive overview of the industry. Buyers travel to London secure in the knowledge that the product offering is both complete and contemporary.“

The ICE show´s popularity with buyers is backed up by the level of pre-registrations, which are five per cent up on the same stage for ICE 2002.

ICE 2003 Sector Overview


Reel and video slots, together with multi-player machines and electronic betting games constitute the most represented sector at ICE 2003, both in terms of the number of suppliers (36) exhibiting their products and the total amount of dedicated floor space.

Live Gaming

With 25 of the world´s most renowned names in roulette, table games, dice, cards, chips and other accessories, live gaming accounts for the second largest sector at ICE.


There will be no fewer than 33 specialist suppliers of software and services for internet and interactive gaming at the London show, 31 of them exhibiting within the themed „i-Gaming Zone“.


Game development, player tracking, accounting and full casino management systems are just some of the software packages on offer from 14 specialists in this field.

Payment Systems

Offering the latest in validators, hoppers, counters, sorters and mechanisms for coin, note, token, chip, card and other cashless systems, ICE 2003 will feature at least 19 money handling and processing manufacturers and distributors.


11 companies will exhibit their security solutions, from locks, bars and other manual devices to CCTV and advanced surveillance systems.

Spares & Components

Whether it´s a new design concept for manufacturers to incorporate in their original builds or replacement parts to help maintain smooth operations, visitors to ICE should find what they´re looking for amongst 16 suppliers of spares and components.


A broad base of ancillary products, ranging from functional to stylish and luxurious, can be found amongst 18 exhibiting companies in this sector.

Signage, seating and staff uniforms are just some of the image enhancing accessories in this sector.

Consultancy Services

From legal, financial and educational advice to recruitment services and hardware/software systems testing, there are 13 booths at ICE 2003 offering expert consultancy.


Reflecting the vigour and vibrancy of the gaming industry, a total of 16 international publications and exhibitions will be at ICE.