The successful AGI Touchbet™ Roulette and Multi Roulette™ in Southafrica

AGI-Africa installed an 8 player Multi-Roulette into Caesars Gauteng in the middle of 2001. The management are very happy with the turnover and average bet per terminal, the average bet has also steadily increased month on month showing that even serious roulette players are attracted to automated roulette. „I believe a large factor to the serious player is the similarity of our automated roulette wheel and a traditional live wheel“, Warren Banks from AGI Southafrica commented.

Multi Roulette is also the answer for smaller casinos who possible cannot afford to have live games due to the high running costs, Multi Roulette provides a high quality alternative. Most casinos in South Africa have 24hr slots operations but limited operating hours for their live games, once again Multi Roulette is a perfect option to provide 24hr Roulette action.

We will be installing another two Multi Roulette´s into the Southern African market within the next three months namely Caledon Casino located in the Western Cape Province and Center Gaming House located on the exotic island of Mauritius. AGI-Africa is confident that more orders will follow soon as the superior revenues generated by our stylish and classic looking model

become more and more apparent to operators.

AGI-Africa also placed a 16 player Touch Bet Roulette system into Sun Internationals Carnival City Casino located in Johannesburg. The game has been operating since early December 2001 and has achieved phenomenal success, so much so that Sun International has just confirmed it will be placing Touch Bet into it´s Boardwalk Casino, Sun City and Morula Sun properties. Touch Bet has been recognized as the first true cross over product between live games and slots. The product provides the player the same excitement in seeing the ball spun by a live dealer, but gives him the comfort of placing his bets on his own private layout. The amount of spins per hour is also greatly increased as the dealer has less chipping functions, this is to the advantage of both the Player and the Casino. For the player it reduces the dull and boring moments waiting for payouts and for the casino it dramatically increases the total turnover of a roulette game. Due to the limited amount of staff required to run a live game casino can now look at cost effectively running roulette for 24hrs a day.

Tsogo Sun´s Monte Casino will also have their first roulette system up and running by mid April 2002, they are so confident of the potential popularity of Touch Bet that they have already placed an order for their new Durban Casino that will be opening late in 2002.