Casinos Austria International on the High Seas

Casinos Austria International on the High Seas

Casinos Austria International (CAI) has a long tradition of operating casinos on board luxury cruise ships. This dates back to 1981, when CAI was awarded the casino license for the SS Norway, the flagship of the Norwegian Caribbean Line. Many more „made in Austria“ casinos have since set sail. The popularity of cruises continued to increase steadily, and CAI rapidly established itself in the emerging cruising casino market. CAI was the first company to offer large cruise lines customized solutions for incorporating a casino into their on board entertainment program.

CAI shipboard casino projects usually take the form of a so-called concession agreement: the ships owner provides the premises in return for a share of the turnover and CAI assumes responsibility for setting up and managing the casino. These license contracts are generally concluded for a limited period of time, since the cruise line companies often intend to take over operations of the casino once it has established itself.

Currently, management of CAIs shipboard casinos is handled by two specialized subsidiary companies: Casinos Austria Maritime in Florida, USA and Shipboard Casino Services in Piraeus, Greece. The Greek office is responsible for European cruise lines, while their US-based counterpart acts as CAI Representative Office for the whole of the Americas and other international cruise lines.

Since 1981, CAI has successfully installed and managed more than 80 casinos on board cruise ships. In addition to its 52 land-based gaming establishments on all continents of the globe, CAI currently also operates 17 shipboard casinos.


The Radisson Seven Seas Cruises fleet has been synonymous with luxury at sea right from the launch of its first cruise ship, the Radisson Diamond, in the early 1990s. This tradition continues to the present day, with the Seven Seas Mariner voted the international „Cruise Ship of the Year“ for 2003 and the recent launch of the sixth and newest ship in the fleet, the Radisson Seven Seas Voyager. Like her sister ships, the Voyager offers guests the ultimate in cruise ship luxury: each of the 350 cabins has its own private balcony, walk-in closet and large marble-appointed bathroom with full bathtub and separate shower.

No perfect cruise would be complete without top class culinary delights. Guests aboard the Voyager can choose between four main dining venues, including the Signatures restaurant managed by the world-renowned „Le Cordon Bleu of Paris. Fitness enthusiasts will not be disappointed: in addition to an extensive pool area and fitness center, guests can also pamper themselves in the ship's state-of-the art Judith Jackson Spa and Wellness facility. Entertainment is provided in the ship's theater, the Internet café, the cigar lounge, the nightclub, any of the many bars and, last but not least, the casino.

This floating 6 star hotel is currently cruising the Mediterranean. In January 2004, the Voyager will set sail from Los Angeles for a 94-day roundtrip Grand Asia Pacific voyage, dropping anchor in a total of 18 countries and destinations including French Polynesia, Tonga, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Hawaii.


Operated by Casinos Austria International, the ship's casino is located on Deck 4, alongside many of the other on board entertainment facilities such as the Constellation Theater, the Cigar Club and the ship's nightclub, the Voyager Lounge. The casino offers guests great entertainment in a sophisticated ambience. Six gaming tables three Black Jack, one Roulette, one Poker and one Craps (dice) together with 54 slot machines complete the perfect Las Vegas atmosphere.

The gaming currency is the US dollar, but the casino will exchange most international currencies and also accepts all major credit cards. Two female and six male croupiers are on hand to ensure gaming runs smoothly and to look after the casino guests. The international casino staff on board the Seven Seas Voyager reflects the strong multicultural tradition at CAI. The two ladies are from Egypt and Argentina, while the six men come from Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Romania, Peru and Turkey.

Casinos on board cruise ships differ from their land-based counterparts in one important aspect: they can only operate while the ship is in international waters; they are always closed when the ship is in port. Guests must be at least 18 years old to play in the casino.

Shipboard casino staff also have a slightly different role to their land-based colleagues. Whilst all our casino staff whether land-based or shipboard must get on well with guests, speak more than one language and be genuinely friendly and welcoming, working in a cruising casino requires extra flexibility. The guests change more frequently, and all staff must be proficient in several games and familiar with casino cash management to be able to perform a wider variety of casino tasks. Furthermore, they must also act as members of the ships crew and fulfill all the Life and Safety at Sea requirements expected of seamen. Cruising casino staff must work together as a flexible, well-rehearsed team and we place particular importance on these aspects at CAI.