Casino King passes Project screen test

Casino King passes Project screen test

Model Name: CASINO KING ¡ñ Machine Type: ANIMATED ROULETTE ¡ñ Manufacturer: PROJECT COIN

UK-based gaming machine manufacturer, Project Coin has started production of its new PC-system based video game, Casino King. Although the fully automatic single-player roulette machine offers all the betting options of live roulette, it is designed as a niche product for casino operators to site within their slot areas.

Casino King¡¯s unique animated gameplay is portrayed on two plasma screens incorporated into an upright, dome-topped cabinet, designed to fit into a traditional slot area or niche sections of the casino floor. Roulette is the first of a compendium of games to be released by Project ¨C all available via download or on CD-Rom either as stand-alone products or upgrades.

Casino King can be adapted for a range of payment options to accept coins, notes or tokens paid in and coins, tokens or security ticket paid out. Stakes are converted into virtual chips, whose values can be set independently by the operator. Further site customisation is possible through bespoke programming of adverts and messages, which can be displayed during both play and attract modes.

Project Managing Director Tony Boulton said: ¡°The beauty of this game is that it¡¯s not designed to be an alternative to live roulette but as an alternative niche product for slot and poker players.¡±