ISA-CASINOS celebrates 5th anniversary

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) Since March 1998, the ISA-CASINOS internet platform is online. Meanwhile, it is among the largest casino platforms in Euorpe, and users come from some 90 nations.

Across Europe 59 well-known casinos are represented with information, events, their web pages, publicity reports, and numerous other information at the ISA-CASINOS portal. ISA-CASINOS has one of the largest databases in the internet and is used a lot for research purposes. Everybody who needs information will find bits and pieces at the 17.000 pages at the portal.

ISA-CASINOS is not a commercial online gaming portal and does not include online gaming. The portal not only serves German casino information, but also shares knowledge about casinos throughout the world. The navigation system, which was developed after polls among users, allows for quick guidance, and easy access to all data in the portal. More topics than pure information are included, as one can see at the „Las Vegas“ example. Not only casino information is held there, but also information about marriages and lot other fun stuff about that great city in Death Valley. New users who have interest in casino gaming and gaming rules can find professionally displayed help at pages and forums. Besides, she can gather information about casinos, and hence arrive there as a well-informed person.

ISA-CASINOS aims to leverage important company information and processes with help of interactive communication and henceforth bidirectional multimedia to the highest possible innovation levels. In this framework a constructive and strict dialog among readers, casino owners and reporters is generated and used globally. In this way gaming is brought to everybody, young and old people and new casino visitors are picked up quickly and helped with all their questions.

Over the past 5 years, ISA-CASINOS has adopted the role of being an independent service agency for all casinos in the world. ISA-CASINOS gathered a lot of information, and serves as a magnet for news and events throughout the scene. And since the portal has a lot of users, it is guaranteed to be up to date.

ISA-CASINOS provides an important role for interested people in finding information, brief on trends of the industry, inform every user equally well, leverage contacts through the business, and polling owners as well as casino visitors. Besides, ISA-CASINOS informs about current movements in politics and finance through its co-operation with Germany’s news portal.

ISA-CASINOS does charity as well as that it manages tournaments. ISA-CASINOS shares voices, positive and negative, from the gaming industry, and lets casino owners know what the people want, providing hints for improvements. Also ISA-CASINOS plays a role to give certain casinos a name in the industry, since a lot of people read the news from the ISA-CASINOS portal, hence leveraging marketing for casinos world wide.

We view ourselves as a strategic partner for all casinos, friends and customers. We serve the possibility to be updated on topics as news, highlights, tournaments, and events, profiles, and reports. We help, through the work of ISA-CASINOS reporters and translators, improve transparency for the gaming industry and provide for customer relationship management. Since our portal is public, we define and create development and success through online marketing. And based on that, we have a high level of certainty developed over the last 5 years. Since our web servers are online almost all of the time, people can always surf to our portal and browse for news, and do some research.

ISA-CASINOS wants to help the casino gaming industry to become better known and to advise on certain dangers of gaming.

The ISA-CASINOS team proudly thanks its partners in advertising for the long co-operations started in 1998, serving our users with daily updated information.