Gran Scala will have 10 casinos, 25,000 hotel rooms and 4 mega parks

International Leisure Development (ILD) promised tonight in Ontiñena (Huesca) invest more than 1,300 million and create about 200,000 direct and indirect jobs in the leisure complex and gambling Gran Scala, which will begin implementation in 2012 thanks to the „well received“ by the Government of Aragon.

The complex, which recreates „Las Vegas style“, will have a high-speed train(AVE) stop and well connections, said promoter Paul Stephan Allegrini in statements to the media.

The Catalan businessman Jaume Riera reminded that the project will be implemented because it has the support of the most residents of Ontiñena and has the region of Bajo Cinca and the Regional Government, after which he referred to cases of interest other municipalities in Italy, Singapore and the Middle East by hosting a project that feeds itself with the suppliers and workers based in Aragon since the opening the first phase in 2012. Then, there will be ten casinos, hotels, theme mega parks and three medium sizes, 25,000 hotel rooms and hundreds of restaurants and shops.

The project is expected to be completely built in 2022, after the operators – and not ILD – have invested over 17,000 million euros. The names of these operators was not revealed by Jaume Riera, who appealed to the confidentiality clause signed by both parties.

Gran Scala based its business, specifically, in the volume of sales, which should allow to attract 25 million visitors a year from 2022, with stays of three days per person from all over the world including „emerging“ markets of consumer this entertainment such as India and China.

According to the promotional video, ILD now employs approximately 5,000 people over the world and has a turnover of 3,000 million euros. „We do not need real estate, or financial, but competent people, professionals, because what has been chosen to build is based on competition,“ said Riera, encouraging them to invest. According to the Catalan businessman, 70 percent of operators needed to implement the first phase are already committed.“Funding for projects is serious and solid,“ said Riera, who said that Gran Scala today is „known worldwide.“

Future of entertainment

The promoter of International Leisure Development (ILD) Paul Stephan Allegrini said „the future of entertainment is in a big projects“ and said that early studies indicated that in the northeast of Spain had more chances to perform the operation, so thanked the „good cooperation“ of the Government of Aragon.

Allegrini thanked all the decision of about 70 neighbors of Ontiñena to sign, on February 10, options to purchase approximately 1,000 acres of land, to boost the project, after which he referred to jobs that could be now create, in a context of crisis.

The businessman Sebastien Tranchant delighted about the location of Gran Scala in Ontiñena and thanked the „work“ of those who have facilitated the beginning of the operation, while the General Manager of Marketing and Sales for Europe Aristochrat Games, Daniel Lindsay, said that this is an „important“ project in wich Aristocrat is working two years and that such projects like this is „rarely“ real in many years.

To demonstrate that projects like this one promised to Ontiñena have already been implemented at other times and other places, Jaume Riera introduced a consultant Frederic de Beauvoir, who participated in the launch of Eurodisney Paris. De Beauvoir said ILD brings „the best“ of leisure industry to of Ontiñena and said that „the entire entertainment industry is awaiting this project, which will be fantastic.“

Jaume Riera introduced to some of the operators who will participate in the project, including the representative of „Spyland“ Patrick de Saint Simon who said he visited „this beautiful region,“ which is „the perfect place to spy,“ he said ironically . Also spoke the South African promoter Hans Wayce, who came expressly from his country to Ontiñena. After flying 10,000 miles had a ‚deja vu‘, said the developer, comparing his visit today in Ontiñena with the one he did 21 years ago to a small town on the outskirts of Paris, where he finally got up Euro Disney Paris, whose start-up said they had participated.