More transparency demanded in the casino approval

President of the Association of Games of Chance Administrators (ASAJA), Antonio Alfaro, has recently asked to the Gambling Control Committee (JCJ) more transparency in the approval of casino licenses.

Alfaro said that this demand is made every time that JCJ aims to ignore ASAJA as trade union representative of the games of chance industry, in order to be able to grant a casino operating license in the facilities of Four Points Sheraton Hotel, which does not comply with the basic requirements demanded by law.

He indicated that the tender of the operating license of this casino contravenes the stipulated in Decree Law Number 2, February 10th, 1998, neither counting with the 300 rooms required nor with the status of international five-star casino.

“Regulatory authorities are setting a dangerous precedent that would affect the image reached by the industry at an international level, that brings thousands of tourists a year to the country”, said Alfaro.

„We are against the arrival of new competitors to the market, but we do believe that these new competitors must comply with the law”, said ASAJA director.