A new measure for the bingo and casino legalization makes progress in Brazil

The Commission of Economic Development, Industry and Commerce of the House of Representatives approved the legalization of gambling houses in Brazil. The text, belonging to Representative Vicentinho Alves, will have to be treated by other commissions.

Betting income generated is planned to be allocated to the Health sector. In the proposal presented before the representatives, casino operation would be limited to the North, North-East and Central-West of the country, and some measures tending to avoid the presence of people with gambling problems in casinos would be treated deeply, establishing severe penalties in case of infringement of the norms.

The project contemplates the operation of video lotteries, inside legal bingos or casinos. They could not operate less than 500 meters from schools, churches and temples. Under-aged will not be allowed, as well as people with gambling problems, which will be included in a National Registry to be created on that aim.

Just six casinos will be allowed to open in Brazil, two in each one of the regions mentioned, and the opening of new casinos may be authorized by the government in five years.

Casinos will just be able to offer card games, roulette games and slot machines (video lotteries), and estates that will have priority for the opening of casinos will be those with the lowest Human Development Rate (IDH).

With regards to bingos, the project authorizes and regulates the opening of permanent and temporary venues. Permanent bingos will need to operate in their own venues, with a minimum capacity for 500 seats.

The venues will have to be connected through systems of electronic processing of data in real time, to be controlled by the state and to perform the control of operations. Prizes will be paid cash and a minimum of 70% of the amount of the sale of tickets will be allocated to that effect.