Card Counting Devices Lead To Four Arrests At Mohegan Sun Casino

Casinos have the percentage advantage over the people that gamble in the casinos. To counter that advantage, sometimes people believe they can come up with cheating scams and not get caught.

That was not the case for four unlucky individuals at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. The four people were arrested on Saturday after they were found to be using card counting devices.

A baccarat table was the location where the cheating took place. The four people were using the devices to figure out the order that cards were coming out before they were dealt. This type of activity usually is not taken lightly by casinos.

All four were arrested and charged with possession of a cheating device, first degree criminal trespass, first degree larceny, and cheating while lawfully gambling. They will be in jail until Monday when they are arraigned in Norwich Superior Court.

We recently wrote of how law officials generally stay out of busting cheaters in casinos, but this was the second time in the past several days that people were arrested for cheating in a casino.

While the casino takes cheating seriously, their relationship with local police agencies usually prevents cheaters from being arrested. Most tribal casinos are not under the jurisdiction of the local police.

The four people who were arrested on Saturday were being held on USD 10,000 bond.