Tourism sets new regulations for casinos and gambling venues

The new “Technical Regulations for the operation of Casinos and Gambling Venues (Bingo halls)” came into force, as a result of a consensus reached in meetings with representatives and actors from the private sector that are dedicated to this activity.

The technical norms, that are currently in force, oblige casinos and gambling venues to be guided by the agreement: “they are mandatory; it aims for a loyal competence that generates fair and transparent gaming in the country; it defines with absolute clarity the operational requirements of a casino, as well as its equipments, places, security norms, prevention of accidents and other conditions established in the Law of firemen and Civil Defense; and of the people that will be able to enter to the casinos.”

With regards to the articles related with the control activity, in charge of the Ministry of Tourism, it points the following: “MINTUR will be able to perform the controls it considers pertinent, verifying the increment, withdrawal or replacement of machines; she only slots that may be authorized are the ones registered before the proper authority; all the gambling machine models will have to be submitted before the authorization and registration granted by the Tourism Ministry.

The Tourism Ministry will perform a national record of slot manufacturers and suppliers and Read Only Memory (ROM), who would need to have the previous authorization of the Government Secretary and which will also have to present to the Ministery a lis of its sales and inventory every three months.

For Minister Verónica Sión, the Tourist Ministry, an entity that rules the tourist activity in the country, it has been boosting the eradication of illegal gambling for years, as well as clandestine and compulsive gaming, in order to protect the fundamental rights of the Ecuadorian population in general. That’s why the Technical Norm will allow to apply the law to all of those who do not comply with the guidelines.