Monticello to be the largest casino in Chile and South America

In a glamorous and original event, the brand of San Francisco de Mostazal casino was revealed to the public: Monticello Grand Casino and Mundo de Entretención, which will be the name of this mega project, which promises to bring more life to the Sixth Region.

Both the name and the logo allude to the zone in which the complex is being built. Just 45 minutes and 50 kilometers from Santiago, the place is surrounded by mountains and green hills that make the visit to Monticello Grand Casino and Mundo de Entretención a unique experience.

Before regional and national authorities and businessmen, Sun International –the South Africa operator of Monticello Grand Casino and Mundo de Entretención- thanked the community and everyone who supported the creation of the project. „This investment in the Chilean market will set a new standard in entertainment for Chilean citizens, turning the sixth region a place for international tourism“, commented David Coutts-Trotter, CEO of Sun International.

The casino will feature the best installations for its visitors to enjoy a unique experience: 1,500 slots, 80 table games and 300 bingo positions. A private hall completes the 15,000 sqm allocated to the construction of the casino, that will open its doors next October.

That-s why the complete project that includes casino, hotel, spa, a convention center, a retail area and a special zone for kids is designed for the entertainment of the family. This will be the only project of its kind in Chile and South America, and will transform the entertainment and tourism in the area.