Caliente could open a new casino in Mexico

Local government of Mazatlán is willing to do it if they do not sell alcoholic drinks

Mazatlán Mayor, Jorge Abel López Sánchez, announced the possibility to authorize new casinos in its jurisdiction only if they do not sell alcoholic drinks inside the venues. According to the mayor, such measure would allow casinos to operate in a healthier environment.

In an interview, López Sánchez said that new casinos in the city will allow competence and avoid monopolies. When asked about a third casino, the mayor said that, if so “the third casino would be established on the tourist zone, if the council authorizes it”.

He added that there are ten casinos and ten video game halls in the capital of the state, and the authorization of new casinos does not contradict its policy to combat vices, mainly alcohol.

During the last three years, the former administration denied casino investment, also to the opening of Caliente casino for more than two years.

For a while, a license was granted to Caliente with the idea that it would be a video game hall, and then, this license had been cancelled when they proved that the business was being equipped with the slots that Caliente operates in other regional casinos.

Casino Caliente was opened in Mazatlán last weekend.