Winners offer their prices to help organizations

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

The first place winner of the online poker game and the third place winner at black jack offered their prices to public help organizations.

Johannes Nessler (GH-Club), who won the first price (a trip to Baden Baden for 2 people) with online poker, offered his holiday trip to a help organization. In 18 hours and 49 minutes, he challenged for first place en gathered 145.780 points in front of „Josy“, an Austrian woman also from GH-Club, who battled for only 133.800 in 34 hours and 29 minutes. She won the chocolades and pralines. The top 100 players gambled on average 4 hours and 38 minutes the beloved „Jacks or Better“ poker game.

Brigitte Nessler (GH-Club) won the third place good for 129.000 points in 16 hours and 7 minutes gambling time. She also offered her price in a gentleman’s gesture. So were the 3rd and 5th spot prices won with Black Jack offered to the public.

ISA-CASINOS wants to thank for this great gift and will donate the prices to a House of the Elderly.

The new games started 1st of November. The EBPA housed the Black Jack Games. During this round, 3 jackpots winners and 47 others can gather numerous prices. The EBPA is biggest provider for online Black Jack games.

Filmograph GmbH hosts the online poker sessions. This month, a number of 100 winners will draw prices.

The Filmograph: The new online movie and television index.

Filmograph gains speed as it receives more and more hits as a repository for television broadcasters, media representatives, editors, actors, casting agencies, and movie directors. Also a lot of public hits are received from television and movie fans. Use the ever increasing information portal on German movie and television business by browsing to

The EBPA, Filmograph GmbH and ISA-CASINOS wishes a pleasant stay and lots of luck playing online casino games.