Rota mayor names 5 to casino commission

Rota Mayor Joseph S. Inos has already submitted the names of his five appointees to the island’s Casino Gaming Control Commission.

They are Barry Cuthbert Toves, Diego M. Songao, Ephrem S. Taimanao, Abraham M. Ogo and Melchor A. Mendiola.

In his letter on Feb. 14 to Roy James A. Masga, Rota’s municipal council chairman, Inos stated that “after having personally consulted with each appointee, they are most willing to serve our community with commitment, determination, and conviction.”

He said the five appointees will prepare the basic foundation of the gaming industry “consistent with a genuine desire to improve the livelihood of the people on Rota.”

Municipal council vice chairman Alfred M. Apatang said the public hearing for the appointees is set for March 25.

Inos told Masga the appointees are ready to provide the council with necessary personal information and documents.

“I am confident that after reviewing their credentials, you will find them distinctively valuable and culturally knowledgeable,” he said.

According to the mayor, the five appointees maintained a good moral standing, ethically disciplined and highly respected citizens on Rota.

Their nominations require the consent of the three-member municipal council.