French casinos set new record

Following a year that featured the weakest growth in 16 years, the French casino industry rebounded last fiscal year to set a new record with gross gaming revenue of 2.71 billion euros. That figure, recorded by 193 casinos, was an increase of 2.16 % over the previous fiscal year.

In 2004-2005, the increase was a mere 1.33 percent. Ironically, the government released those figures just before New Year’s Eve, which featured a strike at seven casinos and disturbances at 30 others.

For the fourth consecutive year, the top casino in France was the Casino d’Enghien, the closest casino to Paris. The casino reported gross gaming revenue of 148 million euros,
an increase of 9.24 percent over the previous year and more than double the gross gaming revenue of the number two casino, the Casino de Charbonnières in the Rhône region.

With gross gaming revenues of 70 million euros, the Casino de Charbonnières experienced a decrease of more than 1 percent. Slot machines, which are located in all but a handful of French casinos, accounted for 2.538 billion euros, or close to 94 percent of all French casino revenue.