The new casino tender process started yesterday

The new casino tender process in Chile will allow the authorization of three licenses that are still pending from the previous contest, after the Chilean House of Representatives rejected the postponement of the tender until the year 2011, in opposition to the initiative that the government introduced to the Parliament.

This way, the Casino Superintendence should be the one to decide the granting of licenses. The authority will initiate the stage in which they should declare their interest in the process between January 2nd and February 29th, period in which the groups interested will be able to apply for the adjudication of the pending permits.

Some of them are already in favor of the new initiatives. Enjoy will take up again the project Rantur in Chiloé, an initiative that was suspended during the process 2005-2006; Fischer Group will evaluate their participation in the process during February.

Within this stage, groups interested will have to present their projects and the cities in which they prefer to develop their initiative, leaving this decision up to the participants.
Considering that the law demands that every casino project will have to have a minimum distance of at least 70 km of others. One of the demands that the applicants should comply is that they will have to form a society and subscribe a capital of at least 10,000 Tax Units (UTM).

According to the schedule of the process, on March the SCJ will subscribe the applicants which have already applied for the process and who comply with all the demands, to then start the pre-qualification stage and the technical evaluation, which will begin on March 31st.

This stage could be extended up to July 29th, if it is performed within the maximum deadline allowed by law. Legally, this stage has a 90-day deadline, which could be expanded for 30 more days, it means that it could last 120 days, unlike the previous process which lasted 300 days, maximum deadline permitted by the norm.

During the process, SCJ should investigate the society structure of each applicant, as well as its financial capacity for the projects, a key stage to start the competence in regional governments.

The last phase will be headed by the resolution council, and will be held during July 30th and August 29th, who will evaluate the advantages of each of the casino projects.