Casino Surveillance Tops Federal Job Growth List

New research suggests that getting a job in the casino industry may not be a bad idea. Gaming surveillance jobs are expected to jump 34-percent in the next eight years.

The list of 30-fastest growing occupations is out and if the government’s list is right, odds are the Las Vegas job market is a sure bet.

Welcome to the surveillance society. You can’t go many places in casinos, or other gaming areas, without your every move caught on tape by a security camera. With that heavy security comes the need for eyes to watch you.

David Schwartz with UNLV‘s Center for Gaming Research says being a casino surveillance officer is a growth area.

„With all the casinos opening up, this is probably a good time to get into the field,“ he said. „Surveillance is something that the longer you do it, I think the better you get at it and you really have to have almost a sixth sense of what’s going on on the casino floor.“

While many casino jobs have gone away with technology, the opposite is true with gaming surveillance.

„Surveillance is something where you still need a human person to look to make judgment calls,“ says Schwartz.

Jonathan Fine is president of Sting Surveillance. His company has created a state of the art digital technology surveillance system.

„We’re bringing in new technology. We’re bringing in a new product — an unknown product to the industry,“ he said.

He also believes casino surveillance is a booming job sector.

„I think it’s going to become a more technical job. I think it’s going to be a higher level job,“ adds Fine.

While the glass eyes above will track and zoom, gaming surveillance brings new meaning to job security.

The job outlook was put out by the U.S. Department of Labor.