Illegal slot business reported to be operating in Mexico

Abraham González Uyeda, Deputy Minister of the Department of Interior, affirmed that the illegal business of slots „operates a whole network in the country“, which imports them with different characteristics and modify them to put games of chance in them.

Interviewed during the conclusion of the XII State Meeting of Teaching of Local Structures of PAN, indicated that in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara, the problem of these devices is not exclusive of Tonalá, where 150 slots were seized, but they have also detected illegal slots in Guadalajara, Ciudad Guzmán and other councils, in which Segob, together with General Ministry of Justice has performed operations in order to seize them.

During the year, more than 3 thousand slots have been seized, and some arrests have also been performed. In Tonalá, and in the Metropolitan Zone in general, there are machines operating in houses belonging to particulars, where authorities cannot do anything because it is not a commercial address.

He also spoke about the combat the goverment iniciated towards drug-dealing, with several achievements like some of the largest seizures of drug, which forced mafias to change their strategies.

Due to the modifications in the operation of maffias, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, told political parties to be careful with regards to candidates presenting to charges that involve popular election. He also said that, if they require from intelligence entities belonging to the Federal Government to know who they are really presenting, they could have their support.