Mississippi officials want to put casino behind them

Supervisor John McKay wants to put the proposed Choctaw casino in Jackson County away as an issue. He plans to push for a vote on a casino resolution endorsing the November 6 vote.

In the non-binding referendum, 60 percent of the voters cast ballots against the casino.

Supervisors brought the resolution forward in their November 13 meeting. However, due to the absence of Supervisor Frank Leach, a final decision was delayed.

In a November 13 e-mail to his fellow supervisors announcing his absence, Leach urged them to adopt a resolution opposing the casino. McKay said he will attempt to get a vote even if one or two of the five supervisors are absent from the meeting.

Despite the outcome of the November 6 vote, the Mississippi Band of Choctaws indicated it intends to pursue the casino project. In a statement issued the day after the election, Miko Beasley Denson, a tribal leader, said the election is not part of the approval process for the Choctaws’ plan.