Audit confirms integrity of casino system

An independent audit has confirmed that there is no evidence of money being skimmed or misappropriated from Christchurch Casino’s gaming machines, Internal Affairs Minister, Rick Barker, said today.

Evaluating the reliability of the casino’s DACOM system included checking the installation of the gaming machines, interface controllers, cashier’s station, network hubs and cabling, assessing operational procedures, checking system behaviour under a range of conditions, reviewing security and access privileges to the IT infrastructure and verifying software.

BMM Testlabs of Melbourne, an independent, accredited testing company, was engaged to test the integrity of the casino’s gaming machine monitoring system after the Department of Internal Affairs found no evidence to support allegations made by two former senior casino managers, Stephen Lyttelton and Peter Arbuckle.

„The audit has confirmed the robustness of the Department’s own extensive investigations. I asked for the further BMM audit to give absolute certainty to the public and provide further assurance of the integrity of the casino’s monitoring systems,“ Rick Barker said.

„BMM said money skimming is only possible when meter values reported by the system are adjusted to match the physical money stolen from the gaming machines. The company found no evidence of any such actions being performed.

„Mr Lyttelton and Mr Arbuckle were able to make their allegations through the media, unchallenged, and have been evasive ever since. They have steadfastly declined to co-operate with the Department or the Police or produce any hard evidence to support their claims, despite numerous attempts to contact them via their lawyers and at different addresses.”

„The public can be reassured that the independent report confirms areas identified by the Department’s own investigation of Christchurch Casino as well as other issues. BMM made several recommendations to improve the monitoring system’s integrity and security.

„Such recommendations are welcomed and will further strengthen processes. The Department will be checking to ensure the casino implements all recommendations,“ Rick Barker said.