The 20% tax to games and draws in Mexico includes Internet and TV bets

Legislative fraction of PRD in the House of Legislators remarked that the approval of the new 20% tax to games and draws will allow the ending of money laundering and the proliferation of such businesses in Mexico.

It remarked the importance of the Special Tax on Products and Services (IEPS), which will tax with a 20% fee to bets and draws.

Secretary of the Finance Commission of the House of Representatives, Camerino Márquez Madrid, assured that the financial impact of this new tax has never been delivered but it should be close to USD 900,000.

He reminded that, due to the legal void on the issue of casinos, draws and bets, the fiscal reform is just the first step in order to regulate the operation of bets and draws and set the limits to operate in the future.

In the interview in San Lázaro it pointed that the IEPS reform is adressed to all those who perform bets and draws in the national territory, so it should not mean that the tax is adressed to people that bet in these centers.

Márquez Madrid thought that Mexico has become a tax haven for the operation of online casinos and Internet bets, due to the legal void on the matter.