Rules of casino games in Great Britain released

On the 31 August 2007, the UK Gambling Commission released the rules of casino games in Great Britain. This document sets out the rules, including layouts, odds and any side bets, for each game on the list of approved games, or approved for trial.

This rules aim to ensure a consistent approach in providing casino games in Great Britain. Licensees must follow any rules for the playing of approved casino games (or games being trialed), or other games of chance.

The following is a list of all approved casino games: Roulette, blackjack, Three Card Poker, Punto Banco, Casino Stud Poker, Dice/Craps, Sic Bo, Big Six (The Wheel of Fortune).

The rules for these casino games are set out in the document entitled Rules of casino games in Great Britain, primarily written by the British Casino Association with input from the Casino Operators’ Association and approved and published in August 2007 by the Commission.

Several new casino games (and associated side bets) are currently being trialled, which, if successful and subject to the Commission’s approval, may be added to the above list of prescribed games. The details and rules of these games are available in Rules of casino games in Great Britain.