Green light for the privatization of Casino Carrasco in Montevideo

Last Friday, Montevideo Local Council approved the privatization of Carrasco Hotel Casino. Its employees assisted to the session and opposed to the measure.

When asked about the support of Anibal Glodosky, a representative of the opposite party, Fabían Villamarín, representative of the official party, pointed that he is a “moral guarantee” for Montevideo citizens, and added that the official party voted modifications performed by the two big political parties.

Besides, Aníbal Glodofsky explained that he supported the official party on the measure because: “The 17 years of the Frente Amplio (political party) administration have shown the failiure on the casino administration. As a result, USD 16 million have been lost and the main authorities are under investigation by the justice”.

When Mayor Ehrlich aimed to hire a company to refurbish the building, the Local Council found out that a law was needed in order to allow the project.

“We suggested the mayor another solution, which was to add to the decree the requirement of an operating license at the moment of the tender process. Our idea was accepted by the Mayor”, commented Glodofsky, who explained that, if approved by the council, the issue will be studied by the Parliament.

The main difference between the official legislators and the opposition has to do with the way in which privatization was approved, because they understand that first it is necessary to write the law and then to stipulate the decree.