Monterrey will put casino installation to public poll

After Monterrey Council approved the integration of the Special Commission in charge of the approval of the casinos which will operate in the district, Mayor Adalberto Madero Quiroga said a public poll is being considered, in order to know if citizens accept this kind of business or not.

Quiroga pointed that, after the confirmation of the Commission, the local council will have to analize and control if the new businesses comply with the requirements, because not only they should have the authorization for the use of the land but also the approval to operate.

“The City Hall, which is an autonomous entity comprised by open-minded people, will be in charge of the analysis and control of this new business, so the approval does not depend on me but on the council”, he stated. “Now they are analyzing to organize a public survey in order to know if citizens want this type of business or not”, he added.

When he affirmed that he is not responsible of the decision of authorizing the opening of betting centres, Madero Quiroga added that he will respect the decisions taken by the members of the City Hall.

The Council has recently approved the integration of a Special Commission, which will be comprised by nine councillors, six from PAN, one from PRI, one from PT and one from Panal, who will have the faculty of verifying if gambling venues in Monterrey comply with the legal rules and requirements to operate.