Slovenians not enthusiastic about gaming resort construction, shows poll

A poll has shown that Slovenians are not too enthusiastic about the gaming resort US company Harrah’s Entertainment is planning to build in western Slovenia with its local partner Hit, Slovene Press Agency reports.

While 38% of those questioned believe such a resort would benefit Slovenia and its tourist industry, while also bringing more competition in the market, 30% think that the arrival of a foreign multinational would bring troubles for Slovenian gaming companies, according to the poll.

Meanwhile, one forth of the respondents said that the state should limit, rather than promote gaming-related tourism for ethical reasons. The remaining 6.7% of the 722 respondents were undecided.

On a different note, the survey also queried about the respondents‘ opinion about the future status of Kosovo.

Most of those questioned (39.4%) said the province should get its independence, but only if an international agreement was reached on this issue.

Nearly 30% would give Kosovo the right to declare its independence unilaterally, while 13% said Kosovo should remain a part of Serbia and 11.8% thought the province should retain its special status, rather than rush into a final solution.