Fire Damages New Jersey Gambling Headquarters

Atlantic City, New Jersey (AP) — A fire damaged part of the state Casino Control Commission headquarters Sunday, but gambling in the city should not be affected, a spokesman said. No injuries were reported.

The fire destroyed a building across the street that housed retail shops, said commission spokesman Daniel Heneghan. At the headquarters, six large windows were blown out, and smoke caused some problems, he said.

The commission’s offices will be closed Monday, and fire inspectors remained at the scene late Sunday afternoon, trying to determine whether the blaze had caused any structural damage. The cause was under investigation.

The fire damage „is actually minimal, aside from the windows. There was no charring of anything inside our building, but there is some debris around,“ Heneghan said. The cause was being investigated.

About 160 of the commission’s 330 employees work out of the building, Heneghan said. None were inside at the time.