Tories pledge to support casinos

Conservative leader David Cameron has vowed to support the Government if it brought proposals for casinos in Solihull and Wolverhampton back to Parliament.

Mr Cameron said his party had offered to back plans for 16 new casinos across Britain, but they should be considered separately from the proposed super-casino in Manchester, he said.

Labour’s plans for new casinos were thrown into turmoil when they were rejected by the Lords last month.

Tory peers joined Labour rebels and crossbenchers to throw out proposals for new gambling dens.

These included Solihull’s bid for a large casino, with up to 150 fruit machines offering jackpots of GBP 4,000.

Wolverhampton’s proposed smaller casino, including up to 80 slot machines, was also placed in jeopardy.

The Lords had been asked to back 16 smaller casinos and a planned supercasino in Manchester, with 1,250 unlimited-jackpot fruit machines, in the same vote.

Mr Cameron said his party would support the Government if it agreed to allow separate votes.

„What we have suggested was they they split the orders in two, go ahead with the large and small ones and just think again on the supercasino.

„The Government can then bring forward the other order for the other casinos, and they can go ahead.“

Tories were not opposed to creating a super-casino in Manchester in principle, but wanted Parliament to examine the proposal in more detail, he said.