Draw engine integrated to TQG–LotterySuite

TQG has developed an autonomous draw engine directly being dirigible by the TQG-LotterySuite standard software via system calls.

The draw engine has been certified for UK Gambling Commission purposes and the British market by NMi Metrology Gaming Ltd, dated 1st of September, 2016, and has already been integrated to a customer project.

The draw engine is able to create an unlimited number of random draw results and is mainly used for purposes of special draws and add-on lotteries. It is highly configurable and capable of a stand-alone performance. This means, lotteries is given the possibility of an ordinary 6 out of 49 or 5 out of 50-draw, but may also generate fixed numbers of winners within the framework of second chance- or raffles-drawings.

The draw engine stands out for simple configuration, installation and usability.

“The draw engine rounds up the performance of the TQG lottery central system. To us, it was of major importance to provide a solution that may be integrated, but can also be used autonomously. By this we also meet our standard software approach“, states Norbert Mallien (CTO at TQG-LTS).

Any customer is able to engage with the new draw machine, even independent from the TQG lottery central system.

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