Poker player from all over the world fought at the Card Casino Pokerworld

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

The Omaha/Texas Holdem Pot Limit Tournament, which took place from June 11th to 14th became a meeting point for lots of international poker players, who fought for 52.500,- EUR.

The Pokerworld ISA-CASINOS Cup distinguished itself with an international field of well known poker players.

Manfred Enstler, the general manager, is very proud because of the huge success of the tournament series. 50.000,- EUR prize money is awarded every month, the international echo is very positive.

Well known players like Marcel Luske, Simon Trumber, Pascal Perrault, Hans Pfister, Jac Arama, Malcom Haarwood , Dave „Devil Fish“ Ulliot, Martin Aigner, Mark Duran, Steven Young, Tony G, Erich Kollmann, Andreas Krause, Antonio Turrissi (WPPA), Marcus Golser (WPPA) met at Poker World, together with lots of poker players from Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, the US, the Netherlands and Italy.

The players fought hard, thrilling head to head fights could be seen on the way to the final of the best 36 on Friday.

Lots of the international poker stars had to acknowledge, that the poker scene in Austria knows how to deal the cards. „Devil Fish“ only made a short visit and than had to leave the scene, because he did not qualify. Every place was fought for and every now and than a player had to leave disappointed. Even Gary Bush, who was accompanied and interviewed by a TV-team, had to back off, as well as Lothar Landauer and Jac Arama.

Carlo from Austria, Andreas Krause and Reinhold Schmitt from ISA-CASINOS (WPPA), both from Germany, and another Austrian player (the name is known to the editor) could achieve a double qualification and went to the final with 40.000,- EUR.

Pascal, Antonoio Turrissi. Ivo Doney, Erich Kollmann, Tony G. together with an couple of other top-players made the final, which took place on Friday at half past ten, a big event. Quickly and without any further notice, Reinhold Schmitt had to leave the table. Even the double amount of jetons did not help him in any way. The hard poker-reality jumped on him and dashed him down into poker-hell. Another player, Andreas Kraus, also had to face this cruel fate.

Nine were left at the superfinal: „Carlo“ (double-qualification) Pascal, Tony G, „Attila“ Antonio Turrissi. Five shared the prize of 40.000,- EUR. It was a long, hard match, and in the end „Attila“ became winner and took most of the money.

Card Casino Pokerworld can be really proud of its tournaments. They have achieved international acceptation and will be continued. Martin Pollak and his dealer team made a positive contribution to the success of the tournament.

Reinhold Schmitt of ISA-CASINOS asked Manfred Enstler, general manager of Pokerworld, about his thoughts about the international success with the tournament series. His clear answer was:

„We will continue to present fine tournaments, clear in its structure and adapted to the needs of the players. Our service and the opportunity to order meals and drinks around the clock, will always be an additional offer for our guests at Pokerworld. We also set value on well trained dealer, a competent management, and – which is very important, fixed prize money in every kind of tournament.“

Pokerspieler aus der ganzen Welt kämpften im Card Casino Pokerworld