Two million dollar prize money – Robert Varkony from Brooklyn is the winner of the WSOP in Las Vegas

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

In spite of lots of rumours, lock out and suspension of staff at the big event, a bad buffet and six percent tax, the poker world championship at Binions Horseshoe had a brand new record prize money and attracted top players from all over the world.

The WSOP in Las Vegas was once again the worlds biggest poker event. Like every year international poker champions gathered at Binions Horseshoe, including lots of European gamblers who did fairly well.

Philip Marmorstein for example. He reached the third place at the 2.500,- USD Pot Limit Omaha tournament, at the No Limit Holdem on May, 6th he reached the 5th place, at May, 13th he came in at the 12th rank.

Chris Bigler had a very favourable balance. At April, 23rd he was 13th at Seven Card Stud, at the Triple Draw Lowball Ace to Five at May 19th he reached the 10th place.

Hans Pfister from Switzerland proofed in Las Vegas, that he is one of the worlds top players. At April 21sthe was fifth at the Omaha HI/LO Split, at May 3rd he was tenth at the 7 Card Stud HI/LO and at May 15th he was fifth at the Omaha HI/LO.

Edward Scharf from Germany was the 18th at the 7 Card Stud at April 23rd, 36th at the Texas Holdem No Limit tournament at May 6th.

At April 25th Andreas Krause became 23rd and got 2040 Dollar prize money.

Alexander Dietrich reached the 16th rank on May 6th at the No Limit Holdem and was awarded with 5.960,- USD.

Antonio Turrisi could have been very proud, because he reached the final at the Pot Limit Holdem at May 8th. 340 poker players took part and Turrisi reached the sixth place and was rewarded with 16.700,- USD. The Award Winner Marcel Luske from the Netherlands again showed his strength. At May 12th he got the ninth place at the Holdem Shootout and on May 5th he was third at the HI/LO Split.

Morad Qushqar from Hamburg became world champion at 7 Stud Card on May 9th and was rewarded with 172.960,- USD. He was the best German poker player at the WSOP at this year.

Siggi Stockinger from Austria could have been very proud. At the big event, the 10.000,- USD tournament, he became 17th und got 50.000,- USD.

Lots of European poker players like Alfons Jäggi, Manfrd Dariesm Ottavio Benelli, Ivo Doney, Christoph Haller, Lothar Landauer, Holger Schneegans – just to mention a few those who came to Las Vegas – fought for honour and money. But not everybody was lucky.
Markus Golser from Austria was a nebbish. He had to quit the largest tournament as 46th and missed 20.000,- USD just because of one place.

Reinhold Schmitt from ISA-CASINOS holds the record of a „tournament out“. His debut at Vegas lasted only for 120 seconds. At the Texas Holdem Pot Limit he played a small raise with a pair of pocket aces at the button and three callers played „all in“. The opponents had 8/9, pair of seven, pair of knights. At the flop 2/7/K came in, afterwards two times blank. So Mr Schmitt surrendered. At the supersatellite Mr Schmitt lost with four Kings against four aces.

At May 24th the spectators saw a striking final for the championship. Chipleader John Shipley from Great Britain (2.033.000,- USD tournamentchips) had to leave at the seventh place and got 120.000,- USD. Julian Gardner from Great Britain, who got into the final with 394.000,- USD tournament jetons, became second and gained 1.100.000,- USD prize money.

An US-American became World champion at the WSOP in Las Vegas. Robert Varkoney from Brooklyn played them all out. With the top-prize-money of 2.000.000,- USD he returned to New York.

The WSOP in Las Vegas was overshadowed by wild rumours. Evers now and again it was said, that Binions Horseshoe was about to be closed. Lots of worried players discussed this rumour. The Las Vegas Journal wrote about depths, which had to be paid by the casino. It was obvious that a lot of things had changed since last year. The buffet for the players could only be called insufficient, although the players paid six percent tax.
The press coordination was even worse. There were no press kits, hardly any information was provided.

At May 22nd at about high noon the rumour spread, that the WSOP had to be ended. Across the street opposite to Binions Horseshoe casino dealers stood, debating loudly. Journalists from press and TV were told, that the dealers were suspended because they asked for their promised 1.5 percent of the money gained by the casino. They were ordered to stay away from the house. So they protested from the opposite side of the street.
The casino management emphasised that it was pure accident, that those dealers were dismissed because they asked for the money. For big events day dealers are often hired and dismissed when they were not needed anymore. Quickly new dealers were hired and the WSOP went on.

Like every year, the WSOP were a huge success. High prize money, top players – a real challenge for every poker player. On the other hand it was obvious that the cash game tables were not as crowded as last year. It occurred that most players went to Bellagios after they played the WSOP.

In addition the Bellagios had a Texas Holdem No Limit tournament after the world championship at Binons Horseshoe was finished. The price, which had to be paid as entrance fee, was 10.000,- USD. More than 130 tool part at this tournament, after they had played the world championship. And while it became more quiet at the Binions Horseshoe, the tables at the Bellagio were crowded, the poker players really felt comfortable at this house.