Hotel businessmen support the opening of casinos in Veracruz

The hotel businessmen are in favour of the installation of casinos in Veracruz, because they assure that “It would boost the commerce and the tourism in the region, because most of the people would eat and stay in Veracruz”.

When talking about the casino hotel that would be installed in the marina, businessman Rafael Ortiz de Zarate pointed, “We are in favour of the granting of licenses in order to operate casinos legally”.

He denied that casinos encourage prostitution and drugs and said that those type of things currently exist even there are no casinos, so he said that it is not true that this problems are connected with the opening of casinos.

Ortiz insisted that, if casinos in Veracruz are installed, they would be a complement to boost the touristic activity. Besides, he pointed that the riverboat casino would be exclusively adressed to certain type of people. On top of that, bets and games of chance, which occasionally operate illegally in the country, would be regulated in only one site.