Super-casino selection delayed a month

The selection of the site for the UK’s first super-casino has been delayed until the end of January after the panel responsible for the choice requested an extension to allow “time for the printing process”.

The Conservative party responded by calling the selection process a ’shambles’ and argued that the body had ’sufficient printing capacity’ to run off the report.

Shadow culture secretary Hugo Swire has called on Tessa Jowell to reveal the real reason for the delay. He also warned that the process could descend into chaos after the announcement is finally made, from waves of litigation.

„It seems likely that whoever is the successful bidder, the process will be mired in a fight through the courts for years,“ he said. „Many questions remain over the way both the casino advisory panel and in particular the government have acted during the awarding of the casino contract,“ Swire added.

The Department for Culture Media and Sport responded to the claims by saying that the delay would have no impact on the overall decision and called it a ’relatively short delay’.