Russia to have 4 zones for gambling houses — lawmaker

Moscow (Itar-Tass) – Russia will set up not more than four zones where gambling houses may run their businesses, speaker of the State Duma lower house of the Russian parliament Boris Gryzlov said Wednesday after a meeting between the house factions‘ leaders and the Russian president earlier in the day.

It is envisioned by amendments to the law on gambling, submitted by the Russian president to the State Duma. These areas will not be residential, Gryzlov said.

„It is planned to allocate not more than four limited territories, where gambling business will be possible,“ the speaker went on to say, „these can be two territories in the European part of Russia, one in Siberia, and one in the Far East. At present, territories free from residents are offered.“

During the meeting with the lawmakers, Putin expressed the hope for the soonest approval of the amendments to the law on gambling: „I’m hoping Duma lawmakers will finalize the bill and approve it in the nearest future. It should fundamentally change the situation in this sphere.“

The president noted that „police had zeroed in on a number of entertainment and gambling centers.“

„It is another reason to address the problem on the whole,“ the head of the state said.

This, as does the alcoholization of the population, causes serious moral and often material damage to us,“ he said.