Casino Bellevue in Marienbad celebrated its sixth jubilee

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Over 500 visitors celebrated an enormous jubilee party with the INGO Casino group with fireworks, live music, stripshow, fire-eater and gala buffet.

For the sixth jubilee of the INGO Casino Bellevue in Marienbad (Czech Republic) on 13.04.2022 the management under Mario Jung (director) and Mr. Soukap (associate director), as well as the owner of the INGO Casino group, Mr. Struck, have come up with something special.

The whole casino was decorated with girlanden and ballons. The water fountains in front of the entrance were new set and the red carpet to the down leading stairs to the casino was new covered. At the afternoon one feels the buzz of activity in the whole house.
The last preparations were made. The service personnel was endeavored to prepare plates, cutlery and decorations for the large gala buffet. Hundreds of sparkling wine glasses, cooled orange juice and sparkling wine bottles in champagne buckets were available at the entrance. At 18.00 o´clock the jubilee gala started. The guests were expected and welcomed by 84 croupiers, cooks, service staff and the entire management. As welcome greeting a glass of sparkling wine or juice was offered to each guest at the entrance by two very nice „bunnies“. In the background a liveband played hits and evergreens and invited thus the guests to dance on a particularly furnished platform. At 20 o’clock the casino was crowded to overflowing. Over 500 guests played at the roulette, Black Jack and Poker tables. The service team supplied continously the guests with beverages. The atmosphere was omitted and very merry. Mr. Jung opened official the sixth jubilee celebration of the Casino Bellevue in a short speech and inaugurated the gala buffet.

Then the battle around the buffet began – closely pushed and in endless queues the guests expected the gala buffet carried now by the cooks. Enormous plates, occupied with meat, fish, salads in diverse variations and on the most beautiful decorated, were set up on the prepared tables. Everybody could select between warm und cold meals. Also the cake bar with sweet foods of all kinds, rounded the picture of the culinary pleasures out. Barely one of the wonderful plates was emptied, the cooks served new and fresh meals again. Nothing went out and again and again for supply was provided. Nevertheless there were 500 guests to regale and supply.

A special attraction was offered by the snakes-fire-artists with their show. Their dance inserts with burning flambeaus, which they let thereby paint also over their skin, were taken up by the spectators with astonishment. An artist spat metres high flames and the boa constrictor, which snaked around the neck of the artist, made the show to a great experience. Under large applause the two artists were diescharged, who will remain for all in afterglow.
Around midnight the terraces were opened and wonderful fireworks were ordered. An „ah“ and „oh“ was drawn from the astonished visitors and they thanked the management for it with great applause.
The atmosphere came at 1 o’clock additionally to the high point. Miss striptease 2001 offered to the present guests a live show of the extra class and had under the applause of the guests again to arise.
Up to 4 o´clock in the morning the guests, who came from Germany and Czech Republic celebrated with the INGO Casino group a wonderful and great celebration.

Mr. Struck (owner of the INGO Casino) was pleased about this great success and expressed to ISA-CASINOS that now also a sixth casino of the INGO Casino group is already in planning. Furthermore, like already notified, the poker play will be introduced and the first INGO Casino Cup started. He assured that the management already works on a concept and the start could prospectively begin in the summer.Additionally Mr. Struck would like to refer to the INGO Casino Fransenbad. Here is a unique restaurant, which is built on one of the largest fish aquariums in Europe.
Furthermore he thanked for the very good co-operation with the ISA-CASINOS.

Result: None will forget this jubilee spectacle and it will remain for each guest in valuable and beautiful memory.

Special praise applies to the croupiers, the service team and the entire crew of the cooks, who contributed considerably to the fact that this event could run off smoothly. ISA-CASINOS will locally report on further events of the INGO Casino group.

Casino Bellevue in Marienbad feierte sein 6-jähriges Jubiläum