Manfred Daries wins the first 10.000 Dollar Supersatellite in Las Vegas

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

In Las Vegas the WSOP started at Binions Horseshoe at April 14th. On the schedule are every day world championship tournaments and satellites.

The world championship in Las Vegas started very fine for the German poker player Manfred Daries. Even as he came in twenty minutes later at the first Super Satellites of the WSOP, he got an ace-seven-clubs and put his 170 Dollar all-in. With a pair of aces and three callers, Daries could triple and was one of the 48 players at the final table.

Again, he played the smallest table stakes and could catch on against his nine opponents and so he won the very first satellite of the WSOP. His first prize, which he achieved with a stake of only 200,- USD, was awarded with a place at the world championship valid 10.000 Dollar. The one who came in second also got the ticket for the WSOP, which takes place from May 20th to May 24th. The entry fee is 10.000,- USD. At this final table, the third got 1600 Dollar, the fourth was awarded with 800,- USD, followed by the fifth with 400,- USD.

Reinhold Schmitt from ISA-CASINOS called Manfred Daries to congratulate him. Last year, Mr. Daries played 17 final tables, where he won three times and got prize money at all 14 other tables. He was one of the most successful players of the Super-Satellites in Las Vegas 2001.

Manfred Daries asked the ISA-CASINOS to tell everybody to change money at home. Binions Horseshoe does not change EURO into Dollar and it is rather expensive to change money at the opposite side of the road at the Golden Nugget. ISA-CASINOS thanks Mr. Daries and passes the news on. Our readers will be informed about the latest interesting facts from the WSOP in Las Vegas as quickly as possible – just like they are used to at the ISA-CASINOS.