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Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)
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(rs) Who does not know about golf – or even plays it already passionately? ISA-CASINOS and its partner Timber Productions Inc. TPI has collected everything about golf and put it together on special pages for golfer.

ISA-CASINOS has now created a portal. Just click Timber Tee sign and choose in the submenu whatever interests you.

You may learn about events, tournaments and results. Rummage in our golf lexicon and in the various categories and make friends with Timber Tee and its gang by visiting the golf page. Timber Productions Inc TPI has developed and activated a widely accepted philosophy about golf.
The golf business has discovered adults to solicit its products. Up to now hardly anybody took care of the youngsters and generated a widespread variety of goods of them.
What was really missing was a medium, virtually a central figure to cling to, which spreads the message: “We play GOLF – you too?”

With Timber Tee © TPI introduces worldwide a consistent and highly specialised sport-pedagogical figure to give an understanding of golf to the youngsters.

Timber Tee is in close connection with golf. Together with its ten friends it is a guarantor for entertainment, suspense and success in learning about golf – in every medium you can imagine. Timber Tee addresses to children from six to 14 years according to their age and offers the first Junior Golf Portal in the internet.
Industrial partners may invest in more than 560 merchandising and licensed products and take part in an global success of Timber Tee.

The strategy of Timber Productions GmbH (TP), a subsidiary company form Hamburg of Carson City, Nevada, is based upon a detailed observation of the golf market and an extensive analysis of more than 9000 Golf Clubs all over the world.
In the US there are already special organisations and an innovative golf industry, which has produced a diversity of golf offers for pupils and youngsters. But in most other countries, including Germany, all over structures for the next generation are still missing. Industry looks only marginally to this segment.

With Timber Tee, TP offers a wide range of possible investments, products, sales and marketing for industrial partners. At the moment, about 560 single licences may be purchased.