10.000,- EUR for every Royal Flash in hearts at the Omaha jackpot

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)
E-Mail: info@isa-guide.de

At the Card Casino Pokerworld you cannot only win a trip each months or cars, but also a jackpot at the Omaha Pot Limit for every Royal Flash in Hearts.

Regular tournaments in every seize are more than natural at the Card Casino Pokerworld. The promised prize-money is always guaranteed and the access fees are payable for every poker player.

In addition to the attractive tournaments, free additional prizes at the cash games and the tournaments are played for by all players. It might be an „High Hand“ which can be won at the cash games or the tournaments, or batch a for a brand new car, which will be drawn at April, 27th. The batches are dealt at the cash game tables every half hour. And finally there is a 10.000,- EUR jackpot at the Omaha Pot Limit for a Royal Flush in hearts. In the tournament week from April 3rd to April 6th there were quite some lucky winners.

Just like every month Pokerworld invited for a tournament with 40.000,- EUR guaranteed prize-money. 169 players from Germany and Austria took part in the game. It was a Stud/Holdem Mix Limit tournament with a rebuy of 80,- EUR. Nine players could qualify every single day, so that the 33 opponents (three times there were two qualified) played in the final on April 6th for a guaranteed prize money of 40.000,- EUR. At the end of a very long and exciting match Gerhard K. (12.920,- EUR) won, second became the congenial Manuela Seliger (6.840,- EUR), third was Erich Kollmann (4.180,- EUR). Andreas Krause (Germany) became seventh and got 1.520,- EUR.

This kind of tournament shows explicitly that even small stakes, which do not have to be thousands of Euro, may bring a high prize.
But what would Pokerworld be without its interesting ideas and attractions? Pokerworld presents the new Omaha Jackpot. Twice within two hours the jackpot was cracked. That happened at two different tables. The lucky winners, who could show their Royal Flush in hearts, brushed the pot and 1.000,- EUR extra. This idea was appreciated that much, all five Omaha tables were in use.

Manfred Engstler, Manager of Pokerworld, explained to Reinhold Schmitt of ISA-CASINOS: „Today it is most important in the service business to offer an attractive, entertaining and varied game of poker. At April, 27th, a new Opel will be raffled amongst all cash game players and everybody has the opportunity to win it. The idea of the jackpot or the daily „High Hands“, the monthly trips, which is sponsored by ISA-CASINOS and its partner Top Team Reinecke, shows the guests, that Pokerworld is a Casino, in which each and every visit is an adventure. It is our aim, to offer something for the guests money and to build an atmosphere together with our service, which makes everything pleasant and nice. It dos not matter if one takes part in an tournament or plays cash games. We want our guests to feel fine. And we show this with our special prizes.“