WLA Round Table 2006 to be held in Prague next September

World lottery leaders will meet in Prague, Czech Republic, on September 13-15, for the two-yearly WLA Round Table – an invitation-only summit meeting on the risks and opportunities facing our sector.

In WLA Round Table, the most senior leaders of lottery organizations around the world have the chance to meet their peers to discuss the risks and opportunities facing the sector. New legislation and a new competitive environment – driven not only by technology but by mergers and acquisitions – are bound to impact the operations of the sector.

The WLA Round Table will be an informal but intense exchange on these critical topics, aimed at helping the regulated lottery and sports betting sector maintain and develop its position as the world around us changes. Attendance is by invitation only and is restricted to the senior leadership of WLA member organizations.

The discussions will be structured around the factors that drive change – technology, values, institutions and communications. Half a day of discussions will be devoted to each, with short introductory addresses by recognized experts from inside and outside the sector, followed by round table discussions. Active participation by delegates will be crucial to the success of this unique lottery leadership summit.

The Round Table will start with a welcome dinner on September 13 and end late afternoon on September 15. Participants are also invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sazka and registration closes August 18.