Newsletter dispatch world-wide now also in English

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

The demand for daily Casino news rises unceasingly. This is shown by the increasing number of newsletter orderings from the in and foreign country. Our subscribers come from all over the world and daily we get requests, if the ISA-CASINOS may dispatch also its newsletter in English.

More than 30 countries already access the daily current reports and information of the ISA-CASINOS, e.g. Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Israel, France, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, England, Australia, Finland, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Canada, the USA, Japan, Poland and Estland.

ISA-CASINOS followed this trend of inquisitiveness and presents since 28.03.2002 already a part of its pages in English version. Immediately ISA-CASINOS publishes a complete separate newsletter dispatch for its English subscribers and as usual here also will be a punctually dispatch of the news into the world each day.
Naturally the current reports, which are created and published in German, belong now to the constituent of the information, which are integrated. Thus the advertising effect of a report is revalued additionally and brings also an additional name recognition of our advertising partners to the world.

The information system of the ISA-CASINOS is so simply created that everybody, who wants to log on from outside of Germany can select the English version and is so more directly addressable. Within the page each user and reader can select with „a click on the banner“ between English and German.
ISA-CASINOS will further expand its information and has therefore contacted some television companies, in order to close a gap also here.
So you get further on Casino news – as usual – daily and comfortable and that free of charge and up-to-date and now completely in bilingual form.