Martin Aigner is the new world champion of the E-WSOP in Vienna 2002

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

96 participants played around the title with the E-WSOP in the Concord Card Casino in Vienna. Poker players from more than 12 nations arrived to play out the title E-WSOP 2002 with the small world championship.

On Monday, the 11th March, started the Texas Holdem NO limit tournament. 96 paticipants from 12 nations participated. The Buy In amounted 2000 € for each player and it was played after the „Freeze Out“ rules. Basis of the tournament structure were the rules of the WSOP of Las Vegas. Many of the players see the „small European world championship“ as test for the WSOP tournament in Las Vegas, which starts in April.

Vips from the poker scene had come to Vienna: So also Lothar Landauer (winner of the Omaha tournament in Bregrenz on 25.02.2002, ISA-CASINOS reported about it) and Hans Pfister, who won the Limit Holdem tournament. Marcel Luske, successfull in the second tournament Omaha Pot Limit 100,- EUR on 6.03.2002 in the CCC Vienna, Berti Rohaczek (Austria), winner in No Limit Holdem 105,- EUR with 116 participants on 7.03.2002, (winner of the ISA-CASINOS Poker Worlds Cup 2001) and also Cai Lin (Germany), who had won in Pot Limit Holdem 150,- EUR on 8.03.2002 with 107 participants and on 14.03.2002 with No Limit Holden 1.000,- EUR with 62 participants, traveled to Vienna. Also of the portion were the title defenders of the last three years: Christian Johnsen (Sweden), Simon „Aces“ Trumber (winner in the Pot Limit Omaha 250,- EUR, 96 participants) and H. Welsch. Jan Smith, who came from England and came off as winner from 80 participants with the 7 Card Stud Freeze Out 400,- EUR.

The E-WSOP tournament was realized from the pokermanagers of the CCC Vienna, Thomas Kremser and Thomas „Lemi“ Lamatsch in perfect manners.
The first two days stood unter the star of Zlatko „Jackson“ Poschl (Austria), who threw the three world champions of the passed three years from running. His chip status was more than 160.000 tournaments jetons. Thus he stated the field on the third day clearly. Thus at the final table he had to surrender and achieved the 10. place. Also Nic Szeremeta and Lothar Landauer, who were under the last 27 participants, had to clear the field. Even favorites like Marcel Luske, Chris Bichler or Erich Kohlmann had to drop out of their seats.

10 players from different nations filled the final table. In a packing final Zlatko „Jackson“ Poschl (Austria) left as the first the table. He was followed by Nousheh Sabai (Iran), who became the 9th, as well as Tibor Tolnai (Hungary) and Olof Thorsen (Sweden), who left as the 8th and 7th. Giocanni Stefanelli, who had to go as the 6th, played his best poker for months and fought for each jeton. Asher Derei (Israel) had to give up his chances on tht title as 5th, before Risto Ponnio (Finland).
The final fight was dramatically. Tony G., who was at the time chipleader, lost gradually his jetons at Martin Aigner. Benjamin Robert, a calm and cool-headed player from England, came between the mills of the two contractors and left than as the third last one. Finally Martin Aigner could decided the match against Tony G. for himself and became the new world champion of the E-WSOP in the Concord Card Casino in Vienna.

The pleasant winner took the proud prize money of 74.700,- EUR as well as the trophy. Lucky about the prize, he embraced his girlfriend and thanked all participants as well as the poker management. One can see, how valuable this title and the winner trophy was for him, which has internationally a high value. The ISA-CASINOS congratulates all winners and requires to them further successes for their tournaments. We look forward now to the World Heads Up tournament in June and to the packing duels, which will be offered to us there. ISA-CASINOS and its sponsor partners, Top Team Reinicke and the Timber Productions Inc., will sponsor a voyage to Las Vegas for 2 persons with this tournaments.

Martin Aigner ist neuer Weltmeister der E-WSOP in Wien 2002