Casino Bellevue a jewel among the Casinos in Europe

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

Generous bright place, perfect service for their guests, gourmet-restaurant, management in German language, large play supply and a outstanding ambient make the Casino Bellevue to one the most beautiful Casinos in Europe.

The Ingo Casino Bellevue is situated in the health resort Marienbad, about 40 km behind the German border, in the Czech republic.
Already the facade shifts the visitor into delight. The Casino, which was built in the year 1835 and was restored affectionately and artful in 1996, is mostly comparable with the Casino in Baden-Baden.
Splendid flambeaux hanging down from wonderful stucco ceilings framed by marble columns, as well as sculptures from the passed centuries.

The generous available space of the Casinos accommodates French roulette, American roulette, Black Jack, Poker, machine play and a large gourmet-restaurant.
In summer each guest can recover himself on the generous terrace with coffee and cake or take his dinner between palms and candlelight or play roulette, which was built especially for the guests outside the Casino on the terrace.

A guarded parking place in front of the house is normal, as well as the free shuttle service from the central parking lot to the Casino Bellevue.

Seen as a whole the Casino, which is led under German line, by director Jung and its deputy director Mr. Ales Soukup, has a perfect service which is one of the main targets in the Casinos marketing policy.

After arriving by car, you can drive directly in front of the door and when stepping out a nice page boy, who asks you politely if he may park the car for the you, welcomes you. It are just some steps from your car to the casino door which is opened by a helping hand.
The bouncer welcomes the guest with a friendly greeting and the guest walks into a generous entrance hall.

The entrance hall laid out with enormous marble columns, as well as the stucco ceilings occupied with gold and a huge crystal flambeaux from the year 1835 let you suspect, what wonderful Casino you are visiting.
Still taken away of the great ambient with the sculptures, which are located some meters high in niches, you hears the voice of a page boy, who asks you to give him your jacket. At the same time you are politely guarded to the reception desk, where you have to register. After this obligation is completed, you receive with a smile your bon for your jacket.

Entering the Casino the doors are opened for the guest and you are standing in the heart of the Casino.

The perfect service during a play or at the two bars and the restaurant in the Casino is really pleasing. Each ashtray is emptied immediately, all beverages are served fast and friendly d at the play desks. Small serving cars are set up beside the guest, so that he can store comfortably its beverages. The service staff is constantly on the way and asks the players, as soon as they finished a drink, to bring him a new one according to possibly further desires and over the entire duration of stay in the Casino. This service continues also also at that bar and in the gourmet-restaurant.
Daily changing menus are offered by friendly waiters, who are all dressed in frack and white shirts. The trained eye of the waiters doesn’t oversee any desires of the guest. A perfectly served 4 courses menu is offered for 22 euros.

At the desks you can play with euros, as well as with crowns (the currency in the Czech Republic). The pools begin at the American roulette from 5 euro minimum.

The Casino enables two Black Jack desks to the visitors also two French roulette desks, six American roulette as well as 2 Poker desks. An additional room provides the automate-lover the latest machines to play. The machine-player is offered all games started by roulette or the known game beetle mania to poker. Another additional service of the Casino is the large Tv-room where you can recover and enjoy the beautiful sight out of the huge windows.

The nationally licensed Casino offers also many Events and meetings. Whether Blackjack tournaments (23.02.2002) or the Poker of tournaments (23.03.2002) or the Lucky Tuesday, Gala Buffets the guests are offered a wide range of events.

To their 6 year old anniversary the INGO Casinos Bellevue will celebrate this date with champagne, a huge buffet, live music and a mixed show-programme.
When talking with the ISA-CASINOS Mr. Jung, the director of the Casino, told us that the Casino-management plans to enlarge their activities also on the Poker sector to attract more guests.
The ISA-CASINOS are pleased to announce that the INGO Casino Bellvue will take part in the online games of the ISA-CASINOS and gave some sponsoring presents to the CEO of the ISA-CASINOS, Reinhold Schmitt.

Starting from March there will be each month an additional journey. You can win this journey with the online-games of the ISA-CASINOS.
The journey to Marienbad for two persons contains a whole weekend (Friday – Sunday), with hotel accommodation, a rich gourmet-dinner in the Casino Bellevue, as well as luck-jettons.
The INGO Casino Group will also participate in the Casino-games on the ISA-CASINOS pages. We’d like to thank the whole management for enriching our service for our customers.

The Casino Bellevue can be ranked for their perfect service, the good ambient and the large offer of games to the best in Europe.

The ISA-CASINOS will report also on the tournaments and the anniversary.

Casino Bellevue ein Juwel unter den Casinos in Europa