„Ninja“-style intruder identified as former casino executive

Healdsburg — A black-clad intruder wearing a „Ninja“-style mask who was shot to death in a retired casino executive’s Healdsburg home this week has been identified as a former chief financial officer of an Indian tribe’s gaming operations.

Authorities said David Edward Ferguson, 48, of San Diego, used to work for the man who shot him dead Monday morning, 68-year-old Louis J. Phillips. Phillips was the chief executive officer of Viejas Enterprises in Alpine (San Diego County) and fired Ferguson as chief financial officer several years ago, authorities said.

The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians operates one of California’s most successful tribal gaming operations.

Ferguson, who was carrying no identification, jumped Phillips‘ wife, Sandra, when she went outside the couple’s home Monday morning to walk their dogs, police said. She ran into the house, pursued by her assailant, and her screams awakened Louis Phillips.

Phillips got his .357-Magnum revolver and fired three times at Ferguson, killing him, police said.

Authorities said Ferguson was carrying a gun and had handcuffs and blindfolds with him.