Private investment required for five casinos in Uruguay

DNC boosts the investment of private capitals in four Uruguayan councils in four or five-star hotels, which will have gambling rooms operated by the entity. Durazno mayor, Carmelo Vidalín, said that there is a chance that an Argentine investment group, owner of the hotel chain Howard Johnson, will install a four-star hotel which would require a USD 10 million investment.

Vidalín indicated that, altough the law authorizes the casino installation in five-star hotels, the mayors said they „proposed the president an alternative to authorize hotels to lower the category, and that the rest of the investment could be allocated to social projects like houses, refurbishment of neibourhoods or sport activities to encourage tourism“, an option that was „well received“ by the government.

Besides, DNC analizes the possibility to move the casino located in Artigas to Hotel Municipal, which is currently in disuse, and would be granted to a private group. Mayor Julio Silveira said that this alternative did not succeed in the previous administration, altough he assured that they would start working on a new business plan after receiving a DNC communication stating the interest to rebirth the project.