Lady Luck Casino Closes its Doors

The Lady Luck Casino and Hotel closed its doors Saturday night for a major renovation project. It’s the largest renovation project the Lady Luck has undergone in more than 20 years.

Plans will be unveiled for the property in the coming months. But parts of the property will be closed for business in the meantime. Many people are excited about what the future holds for this property, but others are sad to see it shut its doors.

Lady Luck visitor, Jeannie Hill says: „I think it will be a good thing it’s time to modernize.“ Jeannie and her husband Everett traveled from Minnesota to stay at the Lady Luck. General Manager, Virginia Perkins says: „Anyone who has been in the Lady Luck, realizes an old and a dated property. We want to make sure we start the renovation of downtown with something everybody can be proud of.“

Since the announcement was made in December, many of the casino’s 689 employees have been placed in new jobs. Perkins says: „We have been able to successfully place over 90% of our employees in gaming and non-gaming businesses. We feel its a new beginning for Lady Luck and the revival of downtown as well.“

The renovation is expected to last anywhere from 9 months to 1 year. For more information log onto

The Lady Luck opened in 1964 as „Honest John’s“, A newsstand and smoke shop with 5 employees, 5 pinball machines, and 20 slot machines. The property’s name was changed to the Lady Luck in 1968.