Super casinos ‚are a safe bet for more jobs‘

Union bosses have called on the government to create hundreds of new jobs by allowing more super casinos to be built.

Under the Gambling Act passed last year, only one large super casino will be created in Britain. Research by the GMB union has identified that 19 proposals for the super casino have been drawn up in 13 areas, including strong bids in Manchester and Salford.

A plan for one as part of the new Salford City Reds‘ rugby stadium at Barton is among them.

In Manchester, plans for a GBP 265m casino complex to be built at SportCity near Manchester City’s ground, creating 1,500 jobs, is considered to be a real contender.

Manchester United have axed plans for a casino next to Old Trafford after Blackpool, which has the backing of the North West Development Agency, emerged as a firm favourite if the super casino comes to the region.

The union believes that the government should allow more than one super casino.

Paul Kenny, acting general secretary of the GMB, said: „One licence for the very large casino is not enough. The government should be bold and go for a minimum of four as these offer fantastic potential for regeneration with real quality jobs.

„GMB, the union for casino workers, wants to see schemes approved which have proven regeneration impacts.

„We also want to see the new casinos run by operators with a proven track record of creating well paid quality jobs. The GMB‘s message to the US casino giants – thinking they may be able to import Wal-Mart or Mac-type jobs paying the minimum wage and poor conditions – is that it will not wash here.“

Other areas which are hoping to land the super casino are Blackpool, where 22 approaches by developers have been made; Birmingham (two), plus Cardiff, Coventry, Glasgow, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, London, Leeds, and Sunderland.