Antonio Turisi and Tony G. were the top players at the Poker Winter Challenge

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

(rs) At a total 52820,- EUR prize money could be won at the Casino Seefeld in Austria/Tyrol.

The Poker Winter Challenge, which took place form January 17th to 19th is one of the constant and traditional poker games in the Casino Seefeld. Lots of regulars come to Seefeld to compete with well known names of the poker scene. Even Lothar Landauer joined. Familiar faces – among them Wolfgang Pileki, Ivo Donev, Karl Frauendorfer, Bruno Micchiardi, Cem Talasalan, Tibor Tolnai aund Antonio Turisi – fought for the title and a respectable sum.

The tournament started am Thursday with 54 players. The game was Seven Card Stud. Nine of them shared 24.510,- EUR prize money. The winner, Tony G., again undermined his role as one of the leading poker players in Austria. The previous week he was second at the ISA-CASINOS World Cup Final at Vienna. At Seefeld he won 7.350,- EUR as first prize. Second became Peter Hohnleitner, who gained 4.900,- EUR, third was Josef Schnöll, who got 3.680,- EUR.

On Friday and Saturday a game over two days was announced. 42 players enrolled for the Omaha and Texas Pot Limit tournament. But even at the end of the first day, half of the players had to strike their names of the list. Wolfgang Pileki for example, who went „All In“ with a pair of queens as a favourite, lost after the „Show Down“ against Turrisis Flush. Turrisis run of good luck continued even on Saturday and so he played the final table, were he outperformed the other players and got 8.490,- EUR prize money. 5.660,- EUR were the prize for the second, Antonio Marmone, followed by Guiseppe Cariani with at least 4.250,- EUR.

The Poker Winter Challenge was a felicitous start of the year for the Casino Seefeld. The flair of this cosy casino made this a rememberable event.