Poker World ISA-Cup tournament of the year 2002

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

In 23 January 2002 the large Poker World ISA-Cup tournament of the year in the Card Casino Pokerworld Austria takes place. It is played No limit Holdem after the Freeze Out rules. Application-763 Euro.

Embedded between the Top event on 13 January 2002 in the tournament week from 8 January to 13 January an additional highlight takes place.
9 players will fight for the first Las Vegas journey. From January 2001 up to December 2001 the poker players collected eagerly points to become one of the best 9 players and qualify for the tournament. Only these are justified to win Las Vegas journeys, which was sponsored by the ISA-CASINOS and its partner, the Guenther publishing house. The winner receives to his honor as best player of the end of the year 2001 in the Pokerworld ISA-CASINOS Cup the journey as vitory premium.
The absolute high point however will be the NO limit Texas Holdem tournament. The application amounts to 763 € and is played after the Freeze out rules. Already in December 2001 Satellites tournaments took place to qualify for this large event, too. The Card Casino Pokerworld sponsors additionally the full application for 9 free places, as well as further 9 places with the half of the rebuys for the tournament.
Bookings you can transact on the pages of the ISA-CASINOS under the column feedback, or also directly on the webpage of Pokerworld.
Many further attractive activities will take place in the Card Casino Pokerworld in the year 2002.
The ISA-CASINOS will naturally report of this event of the year in word and picture.

Klaus P. Guenther appeared in all tournaments as a sponsor partner. His additional „Give aways“ which were handed out to the monthly finalists with the tournaments, were gladly seen gifts. Thus there was among other things his world-wide well-known book “ European gaming houses and casinos“ as addition for many poker players. Also ball-points pens, code trailers, lighters and golfshirts were gladly seen memories. Also with the 9. German poker championship occured the Guenther publishing house with the final in the Casino Bad Zwischenahn as a sponsor with ISA-CASINOS and presented all finalists with a „surpirse-present pack“. The ISA-CASINOS and the Card Casino Pokerworld as well as all poker players thank the Guenther publishing house for the generious engagement in the poker tournament area.

For the year 2002 we could win also a new advertising partner from the free-market economy for us. Company Darwin, supports this year additionally, with 50 journeys, from America up to city journeys, the tournaments of the ISA-CASINOS and its partners.

In the Card Casino Pokerworld as additional sponsering to the prize money each month a city journey is attached, starting from January 2002. Also for the well-known Sundays tournaments in the Casino Baden-Baden become every three months for the 4. ISA-CASINOS Cup a journey for the point-best assign and for the Casino Wiesbaden at the end of the year for the 4. ISA-CASINOS Cup an Las Vegas journey sponsored.

Beneficiaries of all sponsering activities of the ISA-CASINOS with its partners Guenther publishing house and Darwin, are European-wide the poker players and we thank also here for the common co-operation of the poker tournaments the Casinos Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Bregenz and Pokerworld Vienna.